Harpooned Soul: the Jade Bell story


Harpooned Soul: the Jade Bell story captures the engrossing reality of a man who is fighting a heart-breaking and personal war against drug-addiction among youth.

At 23, Jade made the life-changing choice to inject a near-fatal overdose of Cocaine and Heroin into his arm. Fifteen minutes of oxygen deprivation left Jade blind, mute and immobile.

“I can save lives, but I can’t do it alone.” – JADE BELL

Harpooned Soul: the Jade Bell story unravels Jade Bell’s character and past life-choices; and travels to present day where Jade is fulfilling his own dream to empower kids with creativity over drugs with his own devastatingly beautiful demonstration of poetry and music.


Finalist – Best Director & Best Film: Documentary Edge NZ Festival (2011)


Documentary Edge NZ Festival (2011); Sonoma International Film Festival (April, 2011)