On the Backs of Women (2016)

Duration : 36 Minutes

Produced by : Dean Easterbrook & Qiujing Wong

Directed by : Dean Easterbrook & Dave Henderson

Launch Date : 7 May 2016

Awards : Best New Zealand Short Documentary - Documentary Edge Festival (2016)

Festivals : Premiere at Doc Edge Festival, New Zealand (2016)

Website : For Purpose Partner: ADC (www.adc.org.nz)

Project Details

Set in the small town of Kalaymyo, Myanmar, On the Backs of Women is the story of three entrepreneurial Burmese women working their way out of poverty. Each with their own set of challenging life circumstances they must struggle to survive. Through small loans made by a local microfinance bank, they are offered hope and solidarity, and a chance to change. Their stories are a reflection of thousands of entrepreneurial women experiencing poverty around the world. This is a story of commitment through desperation, and ultimately the drive to create a better life for themselves and the people they love.

On the Backs of Women is a for-purpose film with the aim of generating lending to poor entrepreneurs around the world.  Borderless and Aotearoa Development Cooperative (ADC) have formed an official partnership to ensure this purpose is met through sales, events, campaigns and fundraising programmes.

Want to know how you can help? Check out the #BackAWoman campaign! 

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