Diversity New Zealand - Who We Are

Directed by : Dean Easterbrook

Client : Diversity New Zealand

Launch Date : 2016

Project Details

'Who We Are' is a music video with a vision of changing how we know ourselves and each other. The music video follows Jess and her friends as they explore and celebrate identity and self expression. 

On a deeper level, the song asks us to contemplate the current state of humanity and the world. How did we, individually and collectively, become who we are? And why?

'Who We Are' invites a courageous, new conversation about how authenticity, humility, acceptance and pride can create positive social change at this difficult time.

Borderless worked with Philip Patston and Diversity New Zealand during initial concept development and throughout the production of the music video.

To learn more about the campaign, visit the 'Who We Are' website.

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