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Changing Social Norms Through Play

Element Magazine, New Zealand herald The greatest barrier to any social change being possible is society’s complacency and acceptance of the majority-driven norms. It takes extraordinary and visionary change makers to view the world differently and to challenge the status quo and introduce the need ... Read more

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Give it a Nudge

Element Magazine, New Zealand Herald

Online version here Young people need to be actively engaged in achieving their goals, which makes the current high levels of youth unemployment hazardous to their health. How to include young people in the world of work is an increasing challenge across the planet. In parts of Europe more than 50 p... Read more

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Dave Recycling owner Za Sung Dean

Capturing the Power of Positive

Microfinance is changing the lives of women and their Families worldwide In last month’s Element magazine article, I explored the key attributes of outstanding social change movements and what is needed to turn a Great I... Read more

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Four Ingredients of Outstanding Social Change Movements

One of the great attributes of human kind is our curiosity of, and desire for, better ways of being and doing.   Calls for change are challenging us every day from every direction. The challenge is to navigate our way th... Read more

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Borderless features in NZ Herald’s Element Magazine

Writing a cheque might impact hundreds of people's lives; mobilising your whole business to drive change can impact millions of lives, and give a whole new life purpose to all the people who work in your company.   Sir... Read more

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