Catalysing Change at the IncrediblEdge

Posted on 27 February 2014
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Borderless was very proud to be among the incredible lineup of presenters at this year’s IncrediblEdge Summit in Auckland, New Zealand. Organised by Jillian de Beer, the event brings together innovators, entrepreneurs and thinkers from NZ and around the world. This year, Qiujing Wong (co-founder of Borderless) gave an insightful talk on Social Change; defining it as the Art of applied Wisdom, Altruism and Leadership. Drawing upon our own Borderless experiences in catalysing social change as well as from those around the world, Q challenged the group of innovators to step up and take action on issues that matter most to them.

About IncrediblEdge

IncrediblEdge brings together change-makers from diverse and dynamic interdisciplinary fields – to inspire borderless thinking, ideas, innovation and creativity beyond the horizon. Participants are given the opportunity to meet and collaborate with others who are at the cutting edge of their fields.

To find out more about IncrediblEdge, click here to visit their website.